Chula Vista Model & RC Club

San Diego's only (-remaining) Gas Turbine Rated RC Field

From the President

CVMRCC December newsletter material deadline

CVMRCC members & Board, Please get anything you'd like included in the December newsletter to me this week. Photos, comments, articles, tips, and don't forget the classifieds. Don't forget to send in your membership renewal. They are due before the end of the first club meeting in 2022.

Meeting tomorrow Nov 6

There's a club meeting tomorrow morning, Saturday Nov 6th, at 10 AM. Be sure to come down as there are changes in 2022 Board positions to be discussed and accomplished. See you there, Tom

CVMRCC field cleanup - short notice Part 2

CVMRCC members & Board, Sorry to bombard you with emails, another member was just down at the field and he felt the access road was still too muddy for sedans. Just use caution and your best judgement if you do choose to go down there. Also another member said rakes will be needed for cleanup as well. Hope the road will be better tomorrow morning. Tom

CVMRCC field cleanup - short notice

CVMRCC members & Board, I just got a text from Walter saying the pits & parking are full of grass and trash. With the runway/pits resurfacing a few days away, we need to get this cleaned up fast. I'd like to get whoever can come down tomorrow morning with some brooms and whatever else it takes to get this cleaned up. Walter said a wheelbarrow would be helpful too. So maybe 8 AM-ish? I'll be out there. Thanks to anyone else who can help. Also as a heads-up, Tuesday afternoon I'm going to go out there after work to move the tables and chairs from the pits for the resurfacing which starts Wednesday morning. I'll need help for that, too. I should be there between 3 to 3:30. I'll send out reminders. Tom Svircev President/Editor